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Below are selected recordings of James DeMars' works including his most recent release, "The Piano Music Of James DeMars". Many of the tracks are available to preview on our Listen Page.

Of note is that in upcoming months we will be offering sheet music via pdf as well as more recordings that span James DeMars' writing career.

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The Piano Music Of James DeMars


The latest recording of DeMars' work can be found on "The PianoiMusic ofiJamesiDemars". World renowned pianistiCaioiPaganoiis at the keyboard with the Czechi NationaliSymphonyiOrchestra conducted by Pauli Freeman. JonathoniSartzi(violin), NancyiBucki(viola), ThomasiLandschooti(cello)

TRACKS: 1-4 ConcertoiforiPianoiandiOrchestra (28:33): 1. Springi-iVibranteiconibrio (7:39), 2. Summer - Tranquilloiconicalore (6:13), 3. Autumn - Unaidolcei lebtezzai(6:02), 4. Winter - Vivaceiinquieto (8:39)  5. QuartetiforiPianoiandiStrings (15:30) 6. Dedicacei(for cello andipiano) (5:45) 7. iTapestryiII (forisoloipiano) 8:04

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Spirit Horses


This recording combines classical, ethnic and jazz elements and presents the haunting sound of the flute andiNativeiAmerican song forms in new and compelling ways. Includes the first concerto composed for NativeiAmericaniflute, "SpiritiHorses". With MarkiSunkett (Africanipercussion), MichaeliHester (altoisaxophone), Xiaozhongi "Alex"iZhengi(cello) and EriciHoover (flute) 46 minutes. [CR-7014] Total Time: 45:52

TRACKS:  1. PremonitionsiofiChristopheriColumbusi (16:10) 2. iTapestryiVi(10:36) 3.iColorsiFalli(4:29) 4. SpiritiHorses (12:48) 5. Shaman'siCalli(2:49)

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Two World Concerto


Music of the OldiWorld and New are vividly combined in a new, exciting album. The brilliant sonorities of the Canyon symphony orchestra create a colorful setting for R.iCarlosiNakaii(Navajo-Ute) iniTwoiWorldiConcerto and GrayiHawksiRising. TheiBlackiLodgeiSingersi(Blackfeet), internationally acclaimed pow-wowisingers, give a stunning performance ofiNativeiDrumming. [CR-7016] Total time: 63:08

TRACKS:   1.iSpiritiCall:i"paint for us the times to come..." (14:36) 2. LakeithatiSpeaks: "this trembling of beings and things" (7:38)  3.iCrowiSmoke: "shaping worlds as fire burns..." (7:51) 4.iGrayiHawksiRising (ariai foriNativeiAmericanifluteiandiorchestra) (5:02) Nativei Drumming (concertoiforipow-wowidrumiand orchestra): 5. Part 1: "FlagiSong" (8:30)  6. Part 2: "DestinyiSong and MaskiDance" (14:47 ) Encoresi 7.iSeasons (by Shawn ScabbyiRobe) (2:12) 8. ZuniiCorniGrindingiSong (arranged by R.iCarlosiNakai) (2:32)

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Am American Requiem


An American Requiem for soloists, chorus and organ - Grandes Orgues de Saint-Eustache -

TRACKS; 1. Canticle of the Sky 4:45 2. Requiem Aeternam 5:51 3 Kyrie 4:09  4. Psalm 39 4:23 5. Dies Irae 4:47  6. Tuba Mirum 4:17  7. Liber scriptus 6:10  8. Recordare 5:57  9. Rex Tremendae 4:51 10. Dedication 5:29  11. Sanctus 7:58  12. Memorial Prayer  6:43  13. Lux Aeterna 4:26  14. Libera Me

Price including shipping is $15.oo