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A Representative List of Performances



*February 10, 12 DESERT SOLITUDE (22') Concerto for Native American Flute and Orchestra (world premiere.) R. Carlos Nakai with the Tucson Symphony conducted by George Hanson, Tucson Arizona.

*November 9, 2011 MAGIC PASSES (9') A Double Concerto for Clarinet, Piano and Winds. (world premiere.) Robert Spring, Xi You and Peoples Liberation Army Band, at the China Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China.

*October 8, 2011 TAROT (34') for Native American Flute and String Quartet (world premiere.) R. Carlos Nakai with the Paul Neubauer Quartet for the Sedona Chamber Music Society concert series, Sedona Arizona.

September 1, 4, 2011 INTERMEZZO (8') for String Orchestra (U.S. premiere) Borivoj Martinic- Jercic and the Red Rocks Strings conducted by the composer at the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) in Scottsdale Arizona and Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Additional concerts by the string ensemble I Solisti di Zagreb took place throughout the year in Croatia at Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Zadar, Slavonska Pezega, and Zagreb.

August 4, 2011 THIS (10') a Contracrostipunctus for Marimba Vibraphone and Piano. This video-art project by the Zeitgeist Ensemble of Minneapolis and produced by Michael Hazard was newly released on YouTube.

April 5, 6, 7, 12, 14 SABAR (30') Concerto for African Drum Ensemble and Orchestra.

The Greensboro Symphony orchestra conducted by Nate Beversluis, (mvt. 3). in Greensboro, North Carolina.

March 20, 2011 PREMONITIONS OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (15') for Native American Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Percussion and Piano. R. Carlos Nakai with the Williamson Ensemble for the Albiquiu Chamber Music Festival at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

February 24, 2011 TWO WORLD CONCERTO (30') for Native American Flute and Orchestra. R. Carlos Nakai with the University of Utah Philharmonia conducted by Robert Baldwin at Libby Gardner Concert Hall in Slat Lake City, Utah.

February 5, 2011 TWO WORLD CONCERTO (30') for Native American Flute and Orchestra. R. Carlos Nakai with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra conducted by Francis Wada at the Center for the Performing Arts and Education, Punta Gorda, Florida.


*October 8 2010 TITO'S SAY (25') for Sop., Bar., soloists with Chorus and Orchestra, ASU Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Dr. Greg Gentry; premiere of new 5th movement, soprano solo, "Her Secret Love."

December 4, 5 2010 GUADALUPE a n OPERA in TWO ACTS (80') concert version featuring John Horton Murray at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Brooklyn NY conducted by Phil Nuzzo.

*May 1 2010 TITO'S SAY (25') for Sop., Bar., soloists with Chorus and Orchestra New York Choral Society with the Brooklyn Philharmonic conducted by John Daly Goodwin.



Past performances by genre




Two World Concerto (featuring R. Carlos Nakai) |

The California Symphony   Conducted by Barry Jekowski, Sacramento, CA 1/16-18/05.

New Mexico Symphony   Albuquerque, NM, September, 2004

Wuppertal Symphony   Conducted by George Hansen, Wuppertal Germany, 2002

San Juan Symphony   Durango, CO, October 2003.

The Anchorage Symphony   Conducted by Randall Fleischer, 2/22/03

Chicago Sinfonietta    Conducted by Paul Freeman at Symphony Hall, Chicago 1/23/02

The Flagstaff Symphony   Conducted by Randall Fleischer, 2/07/01

Bardavon Opera House    Poughkeepsie N.Y, conducted by Randall Fleischer in November, 2000.

The Carmel Symphony   Carmel, Indiana in March. 2000.

National Flute Association National Conference Gala Concert   Featuring R. Carlos Nakai with members of the Phoenix Symphony conducted by the composer at Symphony Hall, Phoenix; AZ  8/13/98.

Music Eduacators National Conference   National Convention   The ASU Orchestra conducted by Tim Russell. Symphony Hall, Phoenix, AZ; 4/ 17, 1998.

ASU Orchestra   Conducted by Tim Russell at Gammage Auditorium, Tempe, AZ; 4/ 21, 1998.

The Anchorage Symphony   Conducted by George Hanson, Anchorage, Alaska; 3/06/98.

The California Symphony   Conducted by Barry Jekowski, Sacramento, CA January; 1994.

The Tucson Symphony   Conducted by Robert Bernhardt,Tucson, AZ; January, 1995.

The Saskatoon Symphony   Saskatchewan, Canada; February, 1994.

San Juan Symphony   Durango, CO, October 2003 and March, 1994.

The Phoenix Symphony   Four performances on Los Angeles tour conducted by James Sedares; spring, 1993.

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Native Drumming

The Phoenix Symphony conducted by Clotilde Otranto.with the Black Lodge Singer.


USIS Orchestra (US State Department concert) featuring the Black Lodge Singers conducted by Bill Reber, Skopje, Macedonia; March 3, 1998.


Spirit Horses

The Tucson Symphony   Conducted by George Hanson; January 1997.

The Minnesota Orchestra   Minneapolis, MN; November 18,1993.

The Anderson Symphony   Anderson, IA; May 6, 1995.

The Third International Flute Festival   members of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; October 22, 1987.


Two World Symphony

The Tucson Symphony   Conducted by George Hanson,  January 1997.

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Requiem Performances: 

1994 Phoenix, AZ   Arizona State University Chorus and soloists with the Phoenix Symphony conducted by James DeMars at Symphony Hall, February, 2004.

1994 Paris, France   The UNESCO Choir at Eglise Saint-Louis d’Antin, Paris, France; June 3,1994.

1994 San Francisco, CA   The Classical Philharmonic conducted by Lawrence Kohl at St. Mary’s Basilica, June 8.

1995 Washington, D.C.   The Mormon Tabernacle Choir featuring soloists Audrey Luna, Linda Childs, Robert  Breault and Simon Estes, conducted by James DeMars at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts,Washington, DC.; August 4/5 1995

1995 New York, NY   The Mormon Tabernacle Choir featuring soloists Audrey Luna, Linda Childs, Robert Breault and Simon Estes, conducted by James DeMars at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY; August 8/9 1995.

1996 La Crosse, WI   The University of Wisconsin, La Crosse faculty and students conducted by Paul Rusterholz; April 21, 1996.

1996 Salt Lake City, UT   The Utah Symphony and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir soloists Audrey Luna, Linda Childs, Robert Breault and Simon Estes, conducted by James DeMars. Selected for the prestigious Tanner Gift of Music Concerts at the Tabernacle, Nov. 1/2 1996. 

1997 Paris, France   Choer et Orchestre Franç ais D’Oratorio presenting a movement for La plus beau requiem du monde (a “composite” requiem) performed by a massed choir conducted by Jean Pierre Loré at the Palais des Sports (Paris Sports Arena), June 15, 1997.

 1997 Paris, France   Choeur Franç cais d’Oratorio with members of the Orchestre d’Paris, James DeMars  conducting at Eglise de la Trinité, December 1/3, 1997. 

1998 Paris, France   Choeur Roland de Lassus de Paris featuring Jo Ann Pickens with organist David Noël Hudson, James DeMars conducting at Eglise Saint-Eustache, October 8/9, 1998.

2002 Quebec, Canada   Faculty and students of Laval Universityconducted by Madame Maisson-Bourque, April 15, 2002.

2002 Phoenix, AZ   The Phoenix Symphony and Arizona Opera Orchestra featuring soloists Isola Jones and Robert Breault, James DeMars conducting at Symphony Hall, Sept. 11, 2002. 

2004 Scottsdale, AZ   The Arizona Masterworks Chorale, Darryl Rowader conducting at Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Sept. 11 2004.

2006 Phoenix, AZ   The Arizona Masterworks Chorale with organ, piano and percussion, featuring soloists Jennifer Nagy,Isola Jones, Ricardo Peralta and Robert Barefield, conducted James DeMars conducting at Trinity Cathedral, Sept. 10/11 2006.


 INSTRUMENTATION | 2 Fls, 2 Obs, 2 Cls, 2 Bsns, 2 Hns, 2 Tpts, 3Trbns. Timp, 2 Perc, and Strings.


Anthem for the United Nations , Chorus and Orchestra

The Classical Philharmonic (San Leandro, CA) conducted by Lawrence Kohl. June, 1995

The Catalina Chamber Orchestra conducted by Enrique Lasansky in Tucson, AZ; November 4,5 1995.


Tito's Say   Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra

The New York Choral Society   Carnegie Hall,conducted by Jack Goodwin; April 24, 1992.


The Prophet   Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra

New Classics Singers conducted by Lee Kesselman   Wheaton, IL; November 1994.

Macalester College Orchestra and Festival Choir   St. Paul, MN.; November 11, 12, 1990.



Chamber Music


Arias for Brass   

The St. Louis Brass Quintet   The International Brass Festival in Athens, GA. 3/15,18,20/ 01 and over 50 performances on Mid-western College Tours 2002, 2003, 2004.


Night Speech II

Daniel Perantoni   Soporo, Tokyo, and Osaka, Japan; summer 1989.


Premonitions of Christopher Columbus

The Society of Composers regional conference.   U. of NM; the ASU New Music Ensemble, Spring, 1994.

Tos Ensemble | Mexico tour in Cuernavaca, Morelos, and Mexico City at Instituto Politechnico Nacional (televised)  Sala Ollin Yoliztli, Centro Cultural; fall 1986.



Chantal de Salaberry/DeMars   For the Musiques d’été Music Festival | Biarritz, France; June 25,1998.

ASU New Music Ensemble, Carr (graduate student)/DeMars   ASU, Tempe, AZ; March 6, 1998.

Salaberry /Walter Cosand at the Philharmonia   Ekaterinburg, Russia; December.12,1998.

Salaberry/Cosand   At the American Consulate in Brussels, Belgium; December.16,1997.

Salaberry/Cosand   At Chateau Valduc, Hamme-Mille, Belgium; June 1, 1996.


Tapestry II

Tatiana Maistrouk   For the Musiques d’été Festival in Biarritz, France; 7/2/98

Caio Pagano   For the Santos International Festival, Brazil; August 6/10, 1997.

Caio Pagano   Oporto, Spain; October 29, 1995.

Caio Pagano   Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil; August 10/14, 1995.


The Seventh Healing Song of John Joseph (Blue)

Eric Hoover  The New Zealand Flute Society June 1, 1997.

35 performances on East Coast tours; fall 1983 and fall 1985.

John Barcelona   West coast tour; spring, 1988.

Dawn Weiss   The South American Flute Convention and South American tour; summer, 1988.

Don Sinta   The University of Michigna, Ann Arbor, MI, spring 1987.

Jan Weller   The Walker Art Center, Mpls. MN; September, 1986.

Amy Potter   Carnegie Recital Hall, NY, NY, fall 1986.






The Virgin of Guadalupe (Nican Mopohua): This two-act opera (approx. 90 minutes of music) underwritten by Canyon Records is currently scheduled for Dec. 2007 at the Mesa Art Center.

The opera features mezzo, tenor, bass, coloratura soprano, Native American Flute, Native American male singer, chorus, Aztec dancers and chamber orchestra (flute, oboe, 2 horns, 2 didgeridoos, conch shells, Native American percussion, African percussion, guitar, piano and strings).

The libretto is a balance of Spanish and English with sacred phrases in Nahuatl.  He has completed the libretto and the vocal music and continues to work on the orchestration. The soloists and chorus of the western operatic tradition are to be integrated with Native American artists provided by Canyon Records.


Sonata for Cello and Piano (22’). This transcription of his violin sonata was created for Caio Pagano and Thomas Landschoot

Tapestry IX for Unaccompanied Violin (10’). he worked with Boro Martinic to complete this work from last year.

Neon Babylon for Saxophone Quartet (15’). This work was revised in preparation for a recording by the Presidio Saxophone Quartet to be shared with a quartet by Judith Zaimont.

This (a contracrostipunctus for Tuba ensemble) (7’).  This work was written for Sam Pilafian to be multi-tracked and performed by a single player.

Sonata for Violin and Piano (22’). He worked with Boro Martinic to complete this work from last year.

An American Requiem (75’). Transcription for piano, organ and percussion. This transcription was created for the Arizona Masterworks Chorale.

Native Drumming for Wind Ensemble and Native American Drum Ensemble (22’). He transcribed this work for the ASU Wind Ensemble.


Commissions and production grants:

Canyon Records: production funding for a production of Guadalupe, May. 2008.

Solisti di Zagreb (Chamber Instrumental Ensemble): they have commissioned a transcription of his violin concerto for Boro Martinic for May 2008.

Phoenix Boys Choir: 15’ for January 2009.




Voyageur - (CD, 2006) Canyon Records featuring Udi Bar-David and R. Carlos Nakai; arrangements of his works,  LakeThat Speaks and Crow Wing.

DVD: Saint Louis Brass - Live in Concert; 2006, includes his quintet, Arias.

Discovery (2006, Summit Records) Thomas Bacon, horn and Caio Pagano, piano. This CD presents his work, Dedicaçe, in two versions. In the second version he read a voice-over the Murray Schaffer text that inspired the work.

Neon Babylon – recording in progress by the Presidio Saxophone Quartet.

Spirit Horses, Premonitions of Christopher Columbus – recording in progress; Native American flutist, Dennis Sizemore and members of his ensemble are preparing a recording exclusively featuring his works for NAF.




Sonata for Cello and Piano (22’) Thomas Landschoot and Caio Pagano at ASU, Katzin Hall. April 30.

An American Requiem (75’) Transcription replacing orchestra with Organ, Piano, Perc. September 10/11 . He conducted the Arizona Arts Chorale and Arizona Masterworks Chorale in performances featuring Isola Jones, Robert Barefield, Jennifer Nagy and Ricardo Pererra at Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix. 

Native Drumming (22') a transcription from orchestra to wind ensemble.

Oct. 14.  I sang with the Scabbyrobe family in this performance by the ASU Wind Ensemble, cond. by Gary Hill.

Tapestry IX for Solo Violin (10’)

Oct. 8. Katie McLinn at Phx. Art Museum. Oct. 8

Oct. 9. Boro Martinic at Katzin Hall, ASU.


Sonata for Violin and Piano (20’)

Oct. 9. Boro Martinic and Walter Cosand at Katzin Hall, ASU.


Other Performances


Sabar Concerto for African Drum Ensemble and Orchestra (25’)

The Winston-Salem Orchestra featuring Mark Sunkett, conducted by Robert Moody. Sept. 23/24/26.

Lake That Speaks (30’) for Native American Cedar Flute and Orchestra.

R. Carlos Nakai with the Bozeman Symphony. Oct. 28/29.

The Seventh Healing Song of John Joseph (Blue) (9') for Saxophone and Tape.

Nov. 27. Joseph Wytko at Paris Conservatory, Paris, France.

Nov. 28, Bourges, France

Sonata for Two Pianos (20’).

June 10. Chris Oldfather and Steven Stucki at Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, St. Paul, MN. 

Lux Aeterna (Mvt #13 from An American Requiem) arranged for a capella boy's choir.

June tour: Performed by the Phoenix Boys Choir in

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Medford, (OR)





Salt Lake City at the ACDA reading session for boys and childrens choirs.

Freon Night (6') 2nd mvt. of Neon Babylon, quartet for saxophones

Presidio Quartet Midwest Tour 2006

October 28, 2006                Pratt , KS

October 29, 2006                Ogallala , NE

November 2, 2006              Pierre , SD

November 3, 2006              Redfield , SD

November 4, 2006              Dickinson , ND

November 5, 2006              Rugby , ND

November 6, 2006              Thief River Falls, MN

November 9, 2006              Park Rapids, MN

November 11, 2006            Watertown , SD

November 12, 2006            Redwood Falls, MN

November 13, 2006            Hutchinson , MN

November 14, 2006            Alexandria , MN

November 16, 2006            Sturgeon Bay , WI

November 17, 2006            Watertown , WI

November 18, 2006            Prairie Du Chien, WI

November 20, 2006            Washington , IA

November 21, 2006            Cedar Rapids , IA

Jan 29, 2006. St. Mark's Concert Series, The Presidio Saxophone Quartet at St. Marks United Methodist Church, Tucson, AZ

Feb 15, 2006 The Presidio Saxophone Quartet at Voyager Resort's Center Stage Entertainment (recital), Tucson, AZ

Feb 17, 2006 The Presidio Saxophone Quartet at Biennial Conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance, University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Freon Night    Sept 14, 2006  The Presidio Saxophone Quartet at Pima Community College Center for the Arts (recital).

Freon Night    Oct 20, 2006   The Presidio Saxophone Quartet at 19th Annual Elisabeth Blanchard Caswell Memorial Concert, The Presidio Saxophone Quartet

First Baptist Church, Worcester, MA

Arias for Brass Quintet (15') St. Louis Brass Quintet performances:

Oct. 9  at Charles Johnson Theater, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri

Oct. 10 at Glenwood Middle School Auditorium, Glenwood, Iowa

Oct. 12 at Immanuel Lutheran Church sponsored by Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa

Quartet for Piano and Strings (15')

Jan. 27, 2007 Tom Landschoot, Nancy Buck, Jonathan Swartz at the Phoenix Art Museum.



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